Have you ever dreamed of waking up every morning in a different place? Open your eyes and see mountains, endless landscapes, desertic roads and, beaches? For some, that is their day-to-day and it doesn't take much more than good company, an adventurous spirit and a van.

Van lifestyle is based on a slow living philosophy, breathing and feeling every moment, letting yourself be carried away by the present. This connects you with your nomad essence, it teaches you that it takes little to live and be happy.

Vanlifers, as they like to call themselves, don’t like to stay still, they enjoy life on the road, without rushing, allowing themselves to be surprised by what they find along the way. Miles and miles to discover in a small space that has all the amenities they need, sometimes even more.





Outdoors movie theaters, bonfires on the beach, picnics with breathtaking views and falling asleep under the moon and stars, are some of the favorite plans of there adventurers.


A lifestyle that doesn't need much but gives them everything. As campers, they have the possibility to visit unexplored places and create community with other people who see life in the same way.



ILUSTRACIÓN @anahardesign


Here we recommend you some Instagram profiles of some people who live under this philosophy in case you want to know more about this life on the wheels.

  1. @slownsteadylivin
  2. @happyhomebodies
  3. @Judidithcaravans
  4. @for_the_love_of_winnie_
  5. @therealbuslifeofcheshire

Venture yourself to do a vanlifer-style trip, get out of your comfort zone and experience the magic of life on the road!