Chicago is the perfect city to enjoy entertainment, art, and culture in one single place. Discover its musical culture, explore all its museums, visit some of its skyscrapers or enjoy its modern architecture, are some of the plans we can enjoy in this exciting but quiet city. In winter it can be very cold, so it's always recommended to travel in seasons like spring and summer.



And as a good tourist, you can't miss the most popular places in the city, one of them is Millenium Park, a very cool outdoor place where the famous Cloud Gate, better known as "The Bean" is located. If you want a perfect photo, you should go early in the morning to avoid being in crowds.




One of the reasons for visiting Chicago is the music. There you will find many live music venues to enjoy genres such as jazz and blues, and also very famous festivals such as Lollapalooza, where many artists of all genres perform for four days in a row, making it a fascinating experience!