City Guides

A new way of exploring the world, by discovering and connecting to a city´s true essence.

The shift: World of wonder

Traveling has become a widespread practice, more and more people set out each day to explore the world, but today not anymore as a means of disconnecting but as a path to reconnection. The times of all inclusive hotel vacations and touristy city excursions are long gone, in this era of experiences we look for meaning, we want to learn and discover the essence of the places we visit, jumping into the depths of cities’ hearts. A woke tourism has emerged, focused on ideas ranging from wellbeing centered experiences to minimising our environmental impact when traveling and helping local economies. In this planet full of wonder, a sub-universe of magic things patiently await for our senses to grow sharper.

The magic of traveling

I have always been passionate about traveling, the interconnectedness with the world around me has always given me perspective and inspiration, which is why when I visit a new place I not only want to see it, but to discover it. Through slow traveling I have learned to be present on my journeys, to enter respectfully to each new wonderland taking in its culture, learning from locals and embarking on quests to find small treasures. Traveling is transformative, fulfilling and it opens your mind. It is transformative because it lets us relive history, access authentic experiences in original locations and connect to alternate realities; it is fulfilling, as you can embrace on it the art of living, discover unique places around the world and even find a sense of global community in your interactions with the people you meet along the way; and it opens our mind because through it we can be witnesses of how global emerging trends come to life locally in different industries, and see how the boundaries of the future fade before us in a universe of colorful spaces, disruptive ideas and emerging talent.

Secrets of the globe: City Guides

This is why I decided to create a collection of physical and digital City Guides, to share a peak to the secrets gems, hidden treasures and magic spots of my favorite cities around the world. A series of issues designed to uncover city’s subjacent universes, where to dive in for the inspiration to create your own stories. Discover where to go and what to see, find places where art, design, creativity & wellness shine through disruptive concepts and beautiful spaces, and read advice from notable locals. We’ll cover key shopping, dining, and cultural destinations, insider tips, what to pack, traveling rituals, unmissable stops, on a day itinerary, favorite spots, photo ops, event calendar, cool road-trips and more. This is a project where I wanted to share my traveling spirit with you, and my vision and personal perspective on curated recommendations and both established and little-known places which I feel capture the city’s soul. I hope they can become the perfect travel partner for your future expeditions, leading you into your own personal journeys.

Miami Baby

Our first collective issue is out! Begin the journey of collecting places with our collectable city guides. Let’s explore Miami together.