The Coachella music and arts festival is a music event that hosts the world's best artists every year in Indio, California. Going to Coachella means enjoying two weekends of non-stop dancing, listening to very popular artists of all genres, seeing super fun people, and singing like no one is listening. For that and many more reasons, this festival has become one of the most well-known, important, and influential in the world.



Fashion is an important and attractive topic at Coachella, thousands of people attend every year with the most original looks following the hedonistic and carefree style characteristic of the festival. Makeup with rhinestones, tops, and skirts with slits, floral garments, and crochet dresses, are just some of the characteristics of the "boho chic" style, very characteristic of all attendees.



You can choose whether to go to Coachella the first weekend (where everything is more expensive) or go the second weekend. I have had the opportunity to go three times and the last time, I went the first one. For me, it can be even better to go on the second weekend, because there are not so many people and you spend less money.