Morocco is a North African country that all lovers of culture and gastronomy should visit. Going to Morocco is a perfect way to discover unforgettable landscapes, learn about its architecture and experience the Moroccan culture, which is very interesting for being so rich and diverse.



When visiting Morocco, it's important to walk through its medinas (old neighborhoods) to discover all the history and culture that is represented there. We must also visit its traditional markets and ancient palaces to enjoy the different colors and exotic smells that we find while walking. Visiting the souks or traditional markets can be a bit overwhelming because of the number of people and sellers, however, the most important thing is to be patient and enjoy the whole experience.




In Morocco, there is a place called Chefchaouen, where we can find many little houses painted in blue. Some say that the Jews who migrated to this area began to paint their houses in this color to remember the sky, which allowed them to be closer to God, it is also said that the blue color repels mosquitoes and other insects characteristic of the area, and finally, there is the most accepted theory that says that they did this to keep their homes cool in the heat of the area. Whatever the reason, it looks beautiful and is the perfect spot for photos!