Portugal is a country in southern Europe with a lot of magical places that make it impossible not to fall in love with the place. There is a lot to see and explore, so we can always find plans and many tours to do. It is also cheaper than other European countries such as France, Italy and Spain.



In 2019, Portugal was distinguished for the third consecutive year as the "World's Best Tourism Destination" according to the World Travel Awards, better known as the "Oscars" of tourism. Being the best destination in the world according to the most prestigious awards in the sector says a lot about this amazing country, so when planning a trip to Europe, don't miss a visit to Portugal, I'm pretty sure you will love it!




Did you know that Lisbon is really old? This city is considered one of the longest-lived cities in the world, even more than other cities in the continent such as Paris, Rome, or London. That's why its streets and spaces are full of stories to discover, making Lisbon a colonial beauty and a completely magical city.