Brands are being more conscious about the importance of taking care of the planet we live on. More and more they are working against the pollution of rivers, mitigating the release of Carbon Dioxide into the atmosphere, and guarding our natural resources, but a topic that is still taboo is the animal testing that we still see in the cosmetic industry.

In the past few days a short film called Save Ralph, hit the internet. The film, created by the Humane Society International, showed a rabbit that worked as a tester animal in a cosmetic company. The campaign went viral and has generated a great impact, with more than 400,000 views on YouTube and thousands of users who shared it on their social networks.




But the most important thing is that it has created awareness, it has brought back to the surface a subject that not many talk about and that the industry usually keeps on the low, it has helped many to rethink their lifestyle and guided them into making wiser decisions.


Today we have the tools to stay informed, it is our responsibility to keep an eye on what we eat, how we dress, and what cosmetic products we use.  As human beings, we are in constant transformation and each of us has the power of making small decisions that will eventually be part of a greater collective for a bigger change. 



The decisions we make every day are building the path to a better world, a world in which everyone is getting closer to being the best version of themselves, it is in you to start living a more conscious lifestyle. Next, we have some recommendations where you can stay informed and be part of the Cruelty-Free movement.

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