We all come into this world with a purpose, whether it is to learn something, teach something, or accomplish a specific purpose. From an early age, we build our preferences, our fears, and our interests, and we call this personality. Based on our personality, we are constantly building our purpose and our dreams.



" Setting a date for what we want is essential to challenge ourselves and push us towards what we want to achieve."


  • We all have different dreams. For some, their biggest dream is to achieve success in any field, for others, it is to be happy, for some others, it is to be able to be with their loved ones, and some others who dream of traveling the world and help others.
  • Everyone is responsible for their decisions and processes, the way we do things also determines the path we decide to take to achieve our goals and become happy.
  • It is important to project ourselves into the future, not only to create a road map but also to ensure that when something along the way changes, we don't throw away our dreams. Instead, we understand what is our focus and our goal.
  • To project ourselves we need to know who we are first, what are our emotional, personal, family, and social limitations. Understand what our fears are and work on them in order to project our dreams.
  • Putting a date to what we want is fundamental to challenge and push us towards what we want to achieve, hasn't it happened to you that you are very clear about what you want but you always postpone it and leave it for later? When you project yourself, you give you permission to fulfill your life goals and therefore your purpose.



Project yourself in every area of your life, in your relationships, in your work, in your hobbies, in your studies. Find out how far you want to go and set small daily goals that will push you towards that goal. Remember that happiness is the journey and not the destination. Enjoy every step you take and every process you accomplish. You came into this world to be happy, don't get distracted.