Throughout our lives we build small and large relationships with the people around us. First with our parents and our family, then with our childhood friends, our teachers, boyfriends, co-workers and finally, we create our own family. Every relationship we live in is a learning experience, every person who passes through our life comes to teach us something and also to learn something from us. This is the result of valuable relationships.



We are the 5 people we surround ourselves with, we take for ourselves their attitudes towards life, their energy and the positive and negative things, and that is why it is essential to choose well the people with whom we spend our time. In order to have valuable relationships it is important to keep in mind that each person is different and each one has a different life process than yours. It is also crucial to consider that sometimes we will either be teachers of pain or teachers of love and that we must learn as much as possible from both. Now I ask you a question, do you really believe that you have valuable relationships with the people around you? And by this I mean win-win relationships, where both have something to offer (happiness, support, trust, love) based on respect and understanding.


"In order to have valuable relationships it is important to keep in mind that each person is different and each one is leading a different life process than you are."





There are some important things you can keep in mind when building valuable relationships.

  • 1. Don't take everything personally. The reactions, opinions or attitudes of others are not against you.
  • 2. It is really great to complement each other. What you have, the other needs and vice versa, learn to take for yourself those things that you know can contribute and complement you.
  • 3. Learn to listen and support the people around you..
  • 4. Forgive. Don't hold past grudges, we all act under our essence and we have the right to change or improve. Give yourself the opportunity to forgive.
  • 5. Be happy. Be thankful for the people around you and for your life masters.
  • 6. Love in freedom, allow others to live under their essence, don't try to change them.

    Finally, apply these mantras in your life whenever you want to build valuable relationships.
  • I choose to build valuable relationships with the people I love. Where love and respect are the answer to every situation.
  • I choose to build learning relationships and receive what others have to teach me.
  • I choose to contribute and be a light for others and to live happily with what I am and with each person around me.
  • Building and keeping valuable relationships with others allows us to have a more balanced and peaceful life. Create relationships from love and happiness.