Australia is a very large country located in Oceania, it's exactly the sixth-largest in the world and one of the least populated. This country is known for its natural landscapes, exotic animals, road trips, adventure plans, and big cities, making it the perfect destination to live an unforgettable trip with lots of plans to discover!





Did you know that Australia is one of the most culturally diverse countries in the world? This means that most of its inhabitants weren't born there, so in the streets, we can find people from very different countries, cultures, and backgrounds, which creates a very cool and inclusive multicultural environment. This can also be a very good reason if you want to study or live in this country.





The strong accent of the Australians always attracts attention, they have some different words to English and that makes it a little bit difficult to understand them, but it is all part of their culture and tradition and of course of the travel experience. Besides, they are very friendly, joyful and active people, so you will have nothing to worry about in this aspect.