Bali is an island in Indonesia well known for its cultural richness, colorful landscapes, good vibes, and tropical beaches, which makes it a must-see destination for all types of travelers. Besides tourism, the economy of Bali is based on agriculture, especially on the cultivation of rice. The rice fields and terraces with crops of the zone are very visited by the tourists, who can appreciate the beautiful views and take very nice photos.



I came to this magical place through a friend who one day told me she wanted to do a spiritual retreat in Bali. We went together and it was better than I thought. Ubud has a unique energy, the restaurants are delicious and the options are almost always vegan. The environment is very hippie and everything is cheap.



Bali is called the Island of the Gods because of the number of millenarian temples that can be found on the island (more than 10,000) and because of the kindness from all the people. Unlike the rest of Indonesia, Bali is in its majority Hindu, which is reflected in its temples, culture, and traditions. To visit the temples of Bali it's very important to take comfortable and modest clothes (avoid wearing shorts and dresses) and follow all the recommendations they give you at the entrance. Sometimes their culture can seem a little bit extreme but it is always better to follow and respect their traditions.




One of the curiosities of Bali is that Balinese dogs are the oldest and purest breed in the world. Its genetics hasn't been very varied due to the low contact with other breeds for many years. Who wants to adopt a puppy in Bali?