In the middle of the Indian Ocean, you will find one of the most beautiful natural paradises in the world for its crystal clear waters, tropical weather, white-sand beaches, and very exotic and colorful corals. There are thousands of reasons to visit the Maldives, but if what you are looking for is to relax, rest and keep your mind blank, it will surely be a trip that won't disappoint you!



The Maldives is the smallest and least populated country in Asia, formed by a set of 1190 coral islands that form 26 ring-shaped atolls, covering more than 99% of the sea and less than 1% of the land. You can do many water activities: rest in the best hotels in the world, have fun in a huge sea just for you and enjoy a truly romantic destination with your partner.




If you are one of those who like diving, you will love this country. The Maldives is a paradise for its diverse underwater world formed by more than 2,000 different marine species, which makes it possible for many divers from all over the world to visit this place every year and discover the wonders hidden in its more than 200 dive sites.